Steve Selwood Wedding Photography

Christchurch Wedding Photography Gallery

Welcome to my collection of high resolution wedding pictures.

The pictures in this gallery are 2400 pixels on the long side. By zooming them to 100% you'll be able to see the quality of my pictures. They look really good on a photographic quality 27" monitor, which you'll be able to see if you come for a wedding chat.

The Colour Wedding Picture Collection

Great locations can create stunning results like this. When a bride has a beautiful dress like this she will want pictures like this to show it off.

Another room of the house, different colours, a parasol, and another stunning picture of a bride on her wedding day.

On the beautiful stairs, hallway in sight, and truly beautiful elegant picture.

The bride on the stairs, bouquet in hand, the dress, veil and earrings looking lovely.

The bride and mother of the bride, both looking lovely.

A bridesmaid on the stairs, beautiful light, great pose, natural beauty.

Bride and bridesmaids enjoying the wedding day.

In a setting like this, wedding pictures can look grand and amazing.

The end of the 1st dance at the wedding reception. All light and emotion.

After the group pictures, time for pictures of the bride in a stunning location.

The Black & White Wedding Picture Collection

I love black&white wedding pictures, there is a purity, an art about them that you don't get with colour pictures.
I love using indoor locations with natural window light, as in this beautiful picture. The son and daughter of the bride and groom at the piano.

All natural light, using window light from the windows behind me and the lights in the corridor behind the married couple create an interesting background. Some easy posing direction from me, and the result is simple and stunning.

My aim when taking the big family group picture is to have everybody's face visible, everyone looking happy, and everyone standing nicely, looking good, especially the ladies. I'm very good working with children, and as you can see here, the results are usually very good. In this case all natural light, but often I have to use additional lighting so everyone's face looks good. Care and attention when doing posed group shots like this is appreciated, especially by the ladies.

I love capturing natural moments. In this case I asked the groom to sit on the step, and I took a few pictures. Then I asked his son to sit next to him. As I'd hoped, there was this interaction, and that's the beautiful moment I captured. All very easy, relaxed, fun, especially for the younger ones.

Details are an important part of a wedding. I like to create pictures like this as it will serve as a beautiful memory of the day.

Indoor ceremonies can create the most beautiful pictures.