Steve Selwood Newborn Baby Photography

Christchurch Newborn Baby Photography Gallery

Welcome to my collection of high resolution newborn baby pictures.
The pictures in this gallery are 2400 pixels on the long side. By zooming them to 100% you'll be able to see the quality of my pictures. They look really good on a photographic quality 27" monitor.

Newborn Baby Picture Collection

Newborn baby pictures are usually done between 5 and 12 days old. The idea, the hope, is that the baby will sleep.
By about 4wks old babies tend to be more alert, and the pictures will often involve more open eye shots.
I've included babies with a range of ages on this page so you can see the difference.

There are lots of options for newborn baby photography in my studio. Here are some examples.

Mum & Dad holding their baby. In this case an 11wk old baby girl, so much more alert than at 5 to 12 days old.

Not so obvious in this picture, but the baby girl in a basket, again at 11wks old. You can see how alert she is.

You can see that at 11wks old this baby girl can hold her head up. That newborn baby phase doesn't last long.

At 11wks old this baby girl can even wave at me :)